Making Of / 28 May 2018

Procedural Animation: Kinetic Sculpture

Final Result


Render Time: 10 mins | Resolution: 1280x720 | Pixel Samples: 3x3 | Min/Max Rays: 1/5 | # of lights: 2 spot, 1 Environment


My node network for the assembly and expression animation of my kinetic sculpture

The node network for the model of the frame of the kinetic sculpture

Expression Animation

On the right is a side view breakdown of the animation. The Cylinder rotates around the Cylinder pivot point causing an up and down motion.

Movement Breakdown

I then created an add node with 3 points. Point 1 is where the pivot point of the grey bar is and Point 2 is the location where the line is tangent to the circle. Which is calculated within a wrangle node seen to the right. Then with the calculated angle  and position of Point 2 I inverse the height of Point3 for the other end of the bar. Then I applied the rotation that was calculated to the grey bar. More on how this is done can be found on Professor Deborah Fowler's website.

Find the location of the tangent point.

Lastly I need to setup of the cross shaped. Here I also used a wrangle node to calculate multiple angles using Pythagorean theorem and dot product. More on how this works can also be seen on Professor Deborah Fowler's website.


My project was based on Jennifer Townley's work Bussola.